IMG_0934The ethics conference on war and peace was a real highlight for our pupils. Through excellent film clips, thought provoking discussion and active learning the pupils were able to engage with the issues at a deeper level than they do in the classroom. We have had this event for the past 3 years and will certainly book it again.

Rachel Steven, Head of Religion and Philsophy, QEH School, Bristol

One or Half Day Conferences 

Flexible: Book the time of the year that suits you; as you cover a topic, or as Revision in the run-up to AS or A2 Exams.

Personalised: Tailor what we offer to fit in with your needs and your Schemes of Work.

Resourced: Free Pupil and Teacher Resources, plus TWO FREE Ethics Online Series {saving up to £170}. 

In House: By pass the red-tape and risk-assessments involved with outside visits. 

Host schools: Are welcome to invite {and charge} other schools to attend, providing the number of total delegates doesn’t exceed 60 and subject to spacing restrictions, as we prefer students to sit in groups.


GCSE and A Level topics can be explored on the day through our film resources: War & Peace, Abortion, Sexual Ethics, The Environment & Christianity Life after Death and The Problem of Evil, Meta-ethics, Utilitarianism, Natural Law, Kant, Virtue Ethics and Situation Ethics.

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs or feel free to ring us on: 078421 40378 or 079680 56659