The Sage Train

“The Sage Train afforded me the twin-fold delight of being privy to an insider joke of sorts – reinforcing my knowledge – whilst also exposing me to entirely new circles of thought.”
(Ezra Izer, Student at Farringdon Community College) 

In this enthralling novel, we meet a selection of the philosophers studied at A level but, unlike any textbook, their theories are examined through stories. A blend of philosophy, history, biography and fiction these stories stay in the mind to stimulate debate and understanding.

The Sage Train is a powerful tool in digesting the most famous philosophical theories.

We absolutely love using The Sage Train in lessons and having Nicky speak to our pupils. Introducing philosophical ideas through fiction is such a dynamic way to get students thinking!”
(Dr Elizabeth Mackintosh, Head of Philosophy & RS, Winchester College)

Each chapter provides a fly on the wall visit to a different thinker… showing them interacting with friends and family, going about their business, warts and all…!”
(C Rycroft – Amazon purchaser)

Essential reading for A level Philosophy and Ethics – this book goes well beyond exam specifications to give a thorough understanding of eight giants of thought.

NICKY HANSELL holds a degree in English and Theology from Trinity College, Cambridge. She taught Philosophy and Ethics for many years in a large comprehensive school in Yorkshire. She is an examiner with OCR and writer/filmmaker for Ethics Online.

The Sage Train