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“These are the best (and only) films out there. We need this level of support at the coalface, and you are supplying it.”
Richard Warden, Head of RS, Mill Hill School

“Eminently watchable & highly recommended
Andrew Dalton, Head of RS, Shrewsbury School

“More stimulating than any textbook”
Jules Houghton-Wood, Head of RS, Stanground College

“My students have been engaged throughout”
Barbara Usher, Head of RE, Coopers & Coborn School

“Outstandingly engaging”
David Potter, Head of RS, Ashby School

“Well worth the price of a few textbooks”
Andrew Peace, Principal Examiner Religious Studies

“Fantastic resources – Definite musts”
Hannah Williams, Head of RS, St Helen’s School

“Films that really provoke thought on these incredibly important issues”
Karl Lawson, Principal Examiner, Religious Studies

“Excellent films which will supplement any curriculum”
British Humanist Society

“Rich in content and will stimulate further discussion”
Jessica Roberts, Head of RS, Cheltenham Ladies’ College

“Stimulating & welcome resources”
Christine Chalstrey, Head of RS, Wychwood School

“Just what I need to extend GCSE thinking”
Fran Aldcroft, Head of RS, Lancaster Girls Grammar School

“Will enhance, enliven and enrich learning”
Chris Fox, Head of RS, Headington School

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