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Mysticism 4 Films

Ethics Online offers four films specifically designed to extend students’ knowledge and understanding of the often-misunderstood religious experience, known as ‘Mysticism’: evaluating its claims in the light of scientific thinking

FILM ONE: Mysticism & The World Religions

What is Mysticism? This film explore what mysticism is, and what it’s not! In so doing it reveals at the heart of all the world religions are strikingly similar inner, esoteric, teachings, subject not to the vagaries of place or time, but unchanging, eternal truths.
FILM 1: (16 minutes)

FILM TWO: The Mystic Way

Mystical experiences are ineffable, and while acknowledging a full understanding can only be grasped through direct experience, this film considers the views of leading scholars’, William James, Stace and Happold, as they explore extrovertive/introvertive mystical experiences, Nature, God, and Soul Mysticism.
FILM 2: (19 minutes)

FILM THREE: Science & Mysticism 1

No scientific theory is safe from the next generation of scientists with the next generation of tools. In the early twentieth century the Newtonian worldview was challenged by the emergence of quantum physics, revealing insights that according to some leading physicists represented a refinement of mystical teachings down the ages.
FILM 3: (14 minutes)

FILM FOUR: Science & Mysticism 2

Contemporary culture often dismisses mystical experiences as the subjective imaginings of whimsical dreamers, unwilling to accept they’re essentially gene machines in an ultimately meaningless world. But is scientific empiricism the absolute arbiter of truth about the mystery of human consciousness?
FILM 4: (13 minutes)

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