Religious Studies, Philosophy, and Ethics films

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The films are broken down into topics and titles. Please see below for a list of what’s included in each title. You can also get a detailed idea on the individual film pages. Each film is accompanied by extensive Teachers’ Notes, timed coded Scripts and classroom activities.

Ethical Theory 1 Films


  • What kind of statements are moral claims?
  • GE Moore – Intuitionism, simplicity and ‘yellow’
  • AJ Ayer  – Emotivism Yah/Boo, Hare Prescriptivism
  • Criticisms and counter arguments

Situation Ethics

  • Situation Ethics in context – Agape
  • Legalism, Antinomianism and Middle Way
  • 6 Propositions and 4 Working Principles
  • Criticisms

Kantian Ethics

  • A priori, Analytic – a posteriori, Synthetic
  • Principles of Categorical Imperative
  • Postulates of Practical Reasoning
  • Criticisms and counter arguments

Ethical Theory 2 Films

Virtue Ethics

  • Virtue as opposed to duty based and consequentialist theories
  • Homeric virtues and Arete
  • Aristotle’s  virtues, Golden Mean and Eudaimonia
  • Alisdair MacIntyre ‘After Virtue’, Elizabeth Anscombe &  Philippa Foot.
  • Criticisms

Natural Law

  • Natural Law at Nuremberg war trials
  • Roots in Aristotle and Cicero
  • Aquinas’ kidnap – Primary and Secondary Precepts
  • Interior and exterior acts, motive and consequences, Double effect, ut in pluribus, proportionalism


  • Epicurus and the pursuit of happiness
  • Bentham and the Hedonic Calculus, quantity
  • Mill, Rule Utilitarianism, strong and weak varieties, liberty and freedom
  • Criticisms of utilitarianism

Life After Death Films

  • The search for Immortality: Materialism, Dualism, Monism
  • Resurrection of the Body
  • Immortality of the Soul

  • Reincarnation
  • Parapsychology

Teaching Resources & Teaching Ideas

Problem of Evil Films

  • Theodicy
  • Natural/Moral evil
  • Augustinian Theodicy
  • Irenaean Theodicy Hick
  • Process Theodicy
  • Monism
  • Freewill Defence
  • Protest Theodicy
  • The Holocaust

Teaching Resources & Teaching Ideas

Christianity Films

  • The Jewish cultural and religious background to Christianity
  • Trinity and Incarnation: Arian Controversy Nicene Creed
  • Atonement Theories: Ransom, Satisfaction, Penal Substitution theories and Christus Victor
  • Dare to Know: Differing perspectives of Barth and Hick

Teaching Resources & Teaching Ideas

Abortion Films

  • History of: Aristotle, Ensoulment, Quickening, Born Alive Rule
  • Pro-choice, Pro-life, Personhood, Viability
  • Churches’ views, Sanctity of Life, The Principle of Double Effect

Teaching Resources & Teaching Ideas

Environmental Ethics Films

  • Dominion/Domination, The Scientific Method, Rise of Environmentalism
  • Stewardship (OT/NT), Biodiversity
  • End-time Theology, Climate Change

  • Rainforests, Native American Indians, Activism

Teaching Resources  & Teaching Ideas

War and Peace Films

  • Holy War, The Crusades
  • Just War Theory
  • The Priest who blessed the bomb WMD
  • Conscientious objection

Teaching Resources & Teaching Ideas

Sex and Ethics Films

  • Sex and the theory of Natural Law
  • Sex as interpreted by Situation Ethics
  • A utilitarian approach to matters of sexual ethics
  • A Kantian approach to sex

Teaching Resources & Teaching Ideas