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Religious Studies, Philosophy, and Ethics films

Use our  films to help deliver great RS for the new specifications!

Our films are written specifically to complement  UK ‘A level’ exam specifications but are versatile enough for elements of GCSE . Your PSHE coordinator will love them too!

Our films:

  • Enhance subject knowledge

  • Explain difficult concepts in a straight forward way

  • Stay in the student’s mind

  • Are written by subject experts

  • Are versatile – use at any point in the lesson

  • Come with a host of teaching ideas


Covering core aspects of A level specifications, now available to be streamed as a whole.

We offer thirty eight films covering core aspects of A level specifications, now available to be streamed as a whole. Sumptuously made, to deliver exactly what the student needs, along with ‘for and against’ arguments, the films are infinitely adaptable. Although designed for A level, they are not too high-brow to use lower down the school or as part of a wider curriculum. Your PSHE coordinator will love them too!

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What’s Included…

The films are broken down into topics and titles – see below for a list of what’s included for each topic and you get a really detailed idea when you look at the individual film pages.

Christianity Films

(£95 if bought individually)
  • The Jewish cultural and religious background to Christianity
  • Trinity and Incarnation: Arian Controversy Nicene Creed
  • Atonement Theories: Ransom, Satisfaction, Penal Substitution theories and Christus Victor
  • Dare to Know: Differing perspectives of Barth and Hick

Teaching Resources & Teaching Ideas

Ethical Theory 1 Films

(£90 if bought individually)


  • What kind of statements are moral claims?
  • GE Moore – Intuitionism, simplicity and ‘yellow’
  • AJ Ayer  – Emotivism Yah/Boo, Hare Prescriptivism
  • Criticisms and counter arguments

Situation Ethics

  • Situation Ethics in context – Agape
  • Legalism, Antinomianism and Middle Way
  • 6 Propositions and 4 Working Principles
  • Criticisms

Kantian Ethics

  • A priori, Analytic – a posteriori, Synthetic
  • Principles of Categorical Imperative
  • Postulates of Practical Reasoning
  • Criticisms and counter arguments

Ethical Theory 2 Films

(£90 if bought individually)

Virtue Ethics

  • Virtue as opposed to duty based and consequentialist theories
  • Homeric virtues and Arete
  • Aristotle’s  virtues, Golden Mean and Eudaimonia
  • Alisdair MacIntyre ‘After Virtue’, Elizabeth Anscombe &  Philippa Foot.
  • Criticisms

Natural Law

  • Natural Law at Nuremberg war trials
  • Roots in Aristotle and Cicero
  • Aquinas’ kidnap – Primary and Secondary Precepts
  • Interior and exterior acts, motive and consequences, Double effect, ut in pluribus, proportionalism


  • Epicurus and the pursuit of happiness
  • Bentham and the Hedonic Calculus, quantity
  • Mill, Rule Utilitarianism, strong and weak varieties, liberty and freedom
  • Criticisms of utilitarianism

Life After Death Films

(£85 if bought individually)
  • The search for Immortality: Materialism, Dualism, Monism
  • Resurrection of the Body
  • Immortality of the Soul

  • Reincarnation
  • Parapsychology

Teaching Resources & Teaching Ideas

Problem of Evil Films

(£85 if bought individually)
  • Theodicy
  • Natural/Moral evil
  • Augustinian Theodicy
  • Irenaean Theodicy Hick
  • Process Theodicy
  • Monism
  • Freewill Defence
  • Protest Theodicy
  • The Holocaust

Teaching Resources & Teaching Ideas

Abortion Films

(£65 if bought individually)
  • History of: Aristotle, Ensoulment, Quickening, Born Alive Rule
  • Pro-choice, Pro-life, Personhood, Viability
  • Churches’ views, Sanctity of Life, The Principle of Double Effect

Teaching Resources & Teaching Ideas

Environmental Ethics Films

(£85 if bought individually)
  • Dominion/Domination, The Scientific Method, Rise of Environmentalism
  • Stewardship (OT/NT), Biodiversity
  • End-time Theology, Climate Change

  • Rainforests, Native American Indians, Activism

Teaching Resources  & Teaching Ideas

War and Peace Films

(£65 if bought individually)
  • Holy War, The Crusades
  • Just War Theory
  • The Priest who blessed the bomb WMD
  • Conscientious objection

Teaching Resources & Teaching Ideas

Sex and Ethics Films

(£85 if bought individually)
  • Sex and the theory of Natural Law
  • Sex as interpreted by Situation Ethics
  • A utilitarian approach to matters of sexual ethics
  • A Kantian approach to sex

Teaching Resources & Teaching Ideas

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Keep ‘em coming….they are some of the best/only ones on the market! We need this level of support at the coal face and you are supplying it

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Head of RS, Shrewsbury School

Well worth the price of a few text books

Andrew Peace
Principal Examiner Religious Studies

More stimulating than any textbook

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Head of RS, Stanground College

My students have been engaged throughout

Barbara Usher
Head of RE, Coopers & Coborn School

Just what I need to extend GCSE thinking

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Head of RS, Lancaster Girls Grammar School

Outstandingly engaging

David Potter
Head of RS, Ashby School

Fantastic resources – Definite musts

Hannah Williams
Head of RS, St Helen’s School

Films that really provoke thought on these incredibly important issues

Karl Lawson
Principal Examiner, Religious Studies

Excellent films which will supplement any curriculum

British Humanist Society

Rich in content….Will stimulate further discussion

Jessica Roberts
Head of RS, Cheltenham Ladies’ College

Stimulating & welcome resources

Christine Chalstrey
Head of RS, Wychwood School

Will enrich learning

Chris Fox
Head of RS, Headington School

Keep ‘em coming….they are some of the best/only ones on the market! We need this level of support at the coal face and you are supplying it

Richard Warden
Foundation Chaplain and Head of RS Mill Hill School