Ethical Theory I

Ethics Online offers three films specifically designed to help deliver outstanding lessons on Meta-Ethics, Kantian Ethics and Situation Ethics

Teachers’ notes, scripts & classroom activities accompany each film.

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“Information rich, a useful tool for introduction, consolidation or revision.”
Elizabeth Hamley, Head of RS, More House School

Kantian Ethics

Goethe compared reading Kant to ‘walking into a lighted room’ and this film aims to make that light shine more brightly for students. Kant’s enormous contribution to deontological ethics is explained in this intellectually lavish film which clearly unpicks his ideas and his thinking.
(17 minutes)

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Meta- ethics is interested ‘not so much in what people do but the language they use to talk about what they do’. Possibly the most intellectually challenging topic studied in Philosophy, this visually compelling film will help students come away understanding the theories of Intuitionism, Emotivism and Prescriptivism more clearly and more memorably.
(19 minutes)

Situation Ethics

The full implications of the radical Christian commandment to `love your neighbour as your-self’, is laid out in this film. Castigated by Pope Pius X11 as being `dangerously relative,’ Situation Ethics has never been formally accepted by any Church, but nevertheless remains an ethical theory of considerable historical and theological significance.
(14 minutes)