Christianity: Characters & Chronicles

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An exploration of Christianity from its roots in Judaism to the liberal debates of today.

Four films for A level offering a selection of generic material for use across the exam specifications.

Teachers’ notes, scripts & classroom activities accompany each film.

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“Reliably excellent films and teaching resources and such a good fit with the new specs.”
Lisa O’Connor, Subject Leader RS, King’s Norton School, Birmingham

Film One: Roots of Christianity

How did the cultural melting pot that was 1st century Judaea influence the climate into which Jesus was born? (15 minutes)

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Film Two: The Coming of the Christ

The growth of early Christian belief into the doctrine of the Trinity; the Arian Controversy; the Nicene Creed (15 minutes)

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Film Three: Defeating Evil

From Anselm to Aulen: Ransom, Satisfaction, Penal Substitution and Christus Victor theories of atonement explained (15 minutes)

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Film Four: Dare to Know

Modern debate as to the meaning of Jesus’ death: Barth and Hick (15 minutes)

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