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Sex and Ethics

Ethics Online offers four films specifically designed to provide teachers with dynamic lessons on sexual ethics.

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“Four films that made my classes sit up, listen and learn.”
Kirsty Ollerenshaw, Newman College, Lancashire

Natural Law

A rollercoaster tour of the history of sex – from the emergence of homo-erectus through to Aristotle, Aquinas, and the pioneering Kinsey Report – this film pursues an ethical theory that has dominated sexual ethics for over two thousand years – with no taboo unturned.
(21 minutes)

Situation Ethics

Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions” says Woody Allen – questions this film examines in the light of Joseph Fletcher’s groundbreaking Situation Ethics, first published in 1966.
(23 minutes)


Does the sexual freedom enjoyed in today’s relativistic world make for “the greatest good”?  Are consequences all that matter in ethical decision making?
(24 minutes)

Kant & Sex

Kant taught that as rational beings we all have intrinsic worth and should never use others as a means to an end. But is not sex, ultimately manipulative?
(21 minutes)

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