Ethics Online offers three films exploring the ethical, legal and religious dimensions of the abortion debate.

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“I congratulate you warmly on this production, well balanced and full of fascinating history. Well worth screening outside classrooms too.”
Lord David Steel, Architect of Abortion Act 1967

Abortion: Ancient & Modern

In ancient times the dangers of abortion for women were compared with the dangers of war for men and little changed for thousands of years. This film, explores legal and ethical attitudes to abortion through the ages, highlighting key ideas such as Animation, Ensoulment, Quickening and The Born Alive rule.
(18 minutes)

Abortion: Ancient & Modern 2

While advances in medical technology have given us a window on the world of the womb as never before they also raise critical questions about personhood, viability, selective abortion and embryology.
(15 minutes)

Abortion: Ancient & Modern 3

The abortion debate is nowhere more hotly disputed than within the Christian religion and this film explores attitudes to abortion from the Early Church to the modern day, highlighting key concepts such as the Sanctity of Life, Delayed Ensoulment and The Principle of Double Effect.
(19 minutes)