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Environmental Ethics

Ethics Online offers five films specifically designed to assist teachers in delivering dynamic lessons on environmental issues and environmental ethics.

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“This is an outstandingly engaging and timely resource that will grab the attention of students and persuade them of the significance of environmental ethics like never before.”
David Potter, Head of Religious Studies, Ashby School


By comparing the life of the planet to the life of a 45 year old woman, Gaia takes us on a breathtaking journey from our beginnings to these last few seconds of biological time which have witnessed our meteoric rise to ascendancy – but at what cost?
(18 minutes)


For 2.000 years, the Genesis injunction to have dominion over nature has been misinterpreted as a licence to dominate at all costs. But while Christianity might have been more concerned with saving souls than with saving seals is it solely to blame for today’s environmental crisis?
(18 minutes)

Stewards & Slayers

Western civilisation has largely ignored Biblical and mystic calls to revere creation and today we face the stark realization that in an interdependent world unethical stewardship of the animal kingdom ultimately afflicts us all.
(21 minutes)

The Rapture

Christian fundamentalists believe that the environmental disasters we currently face are of little concern as they are signs that the Rapture is close at hand…for others however, visions of the end time have given new impetus to the principle of stewardship.
(18 minutes)

All Things are Connected

While Christian colonisers, mapmakers, missionaries and mercenaries, believed that the natural world existed entirely for human gain, the indigenous Indians of the Americas experienced nature as a sacred web of interdependent phenomena.
(16 minutes)

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