The Problem of Evil

Ethics Online offers five compelling and academically rigorous films on the Problem of Evil.

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“This is no bland anodyne treatment of an academic subject but a realistic no holds journey through one of the most harrowing and challenging subjects available for study”.
Karl Lawson, Principal Examiner Philosophy of Religion

Film One : The Problem of Evil

From Epicurus to Auschwitz an exploration of key concepts including The Inconsistent Triad, Theodicy, Natural Evil and Moral Evil.
(12 minutes)

Film Two : The Augustinian Theodicy

A critical examination of Privatio Boni, The Principle of Plenitude, The Aesthetic Theme, The Doctrine of Original Sin and Soul-Deciding.
(13 minutes)

Film Three : The Irenaean Theodicy

Soul-Making, Image/likeness, Epistemic Distance, Greater Good Argument, Hick, Dostoevsky, Plantinga and DZ Phillips.
(18 minutes)

Film Four : Process, Protest, Monist Theodices & The Free Will Defence

From Griffin to Roth, Leibniz to Swinburne, an enthralling introduction to other influential Theodicies.
(14 minutes)

Film Five : The Holocaust

A historical introduction to one of the worst evils ever recorded.
(11 minutes)